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RN Patient Advocates, PLLC, in association with the University of Arizona, College of Nursing, would like to offer you the opportunity to participate in an 8 week online, 6 day residential immersion course to become an independent RN Patient Advocate. This offer is exclusively for qualified, experienced clinical RNs. You can apply online after June 1st here: Application Info

Our RN Patient Advocacy Program began 12 years ago and has evolved into a highly effective Advocacy Process that greatly improves patient outcomes and saves health care dollars. We invite you to join us. Realize your dreams of independent practice and true patient centered advocacy.

  • Become a leader in this new emerging field, ranked as one of the 4 top new professions.
  • Enhance your clinical, knowledge, teaching and management skills to be a part of the healthcare solution.
  • Join other experienced nurses who are realizing their dream of being an independent voice in the healthcare of their patients.
  • Experience independent practice and earn $100 per hr.
  • Become an excellent Advocate and acquire new skills to work effectively with all branches of the health care system.
  • Maximize the possibility for the most beneficial outcomes for your patients utilizing all healing paradigms.
  • Refine your skills as communicator, educator, researcher and resource for your patients and their families



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How to choose your Patient Advocacy Course wisely

Now that you are investigating the educational opportunities within the emerging field of patient advocacy, we at RN Patient Advocates, PLLC, the leader in the field of RN Patient Advocate education, have compiled the following points for you to consider before you choose your course: Is your course:

          • Created by and for experienced clinical RNs?†
          • Partnered with a leading university based college of nursing?
          • Your entry point to a national network of peers that facilitates continuing education, mentoring and practice support?
          • A comprehensive clinically based program embracing the full range of medical treatment modalities, including Integrative and Functional Medical paradigms along with traditional western medicine?
          • Inclusive of both acute and health management and wellness coaching?
          • Inclusive of the business, legal, insurance and marketing aspects of Independent RN Patient Advocacy?
          • Designed to provide the availability of post-course mentoring to ensure success?
          • Focused on direct patient centered advocacy?
          • Recognized as a national leader in the field of RN Patient Advocacy education?
          • Designed to provide high visibility for you on a nationally recognized web site?
          • Able to provide post course referrals?
          • Prepared to facilitate outcome research studies leading to increasing reimbursement opportunities?

 We at RN Patient Advocates, PLLC, in association with the University of Arizona, College of Nursing hope that you choose wisely for a successful career as an independent RN Patient Advocate.

RN Patient Advocates is pleased to provide you the best nationally recognized Learning Intensive inclusive of all the points noted above. For more information call 520-743-7008 or email us at



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