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Career Options

"You will join an elite group of nurses at the forefront of this rapidly expanding profession. This new nursing practice model is garnering national recognition and visibility as part of the solution to a frustrating healthcare system." - Karen Mercereau RN, iRNPA

Finally - Nurses can utilize their years of clinical experience and their newly acquired iRNPA education to advocate, educate, and guide their patients and their families to achieving optimal wellness. Being an iRNPA is the opportunity to deliver patient-centered care unimpeded by the forces of a dysfunctional corporate medical system - just pure nursing.

iRNPAs are paving the way and setting the standard for other nurses to follow. iRNPAs have demonstrated an earning potential of $75-$500/hour depending on experience and region of practice. Create a profitable practice that allows and encourages you to grow personally and professionally.

Career Versatility

  • Work in a variety of practice settings. Apply your independent practice to contexts ranging from advocating for patients in acute and chronic health care settings to personal and corporate health wellness coaching to community and nonprofit sectors.
  • Choose from different practice models. A graduate can work solo in their own independent iRNPA practice, or choose to form or join an existing group practice with other iRNPA graduates. A group practice can also be comprised of a multidisciplinary group of professionals with complementary skills. You can read more about the evolving iRNPA Group Practice Models below.
  • Business development partnerships are continually being developed to assist you in growing your practice and revenue streams.

Post Course Support

Patient Advocate Career Exploration (PACE) Membership Enrollment in the RNPA Learning Intensive includes a FREE one year PACE membership through The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates (APHA). Founded in 2009, APHA, is the largest and most extensive support organization for private, independent patient advocates. The goal of the Alliance is to help private, independent advocates start and grow successful practices, to help them maximize their reach, and therefore maximize patient success.

Learn about the benefits of a PACE membership
Learn more about APHA

Corporate Wellness Program
iRNPAs receive discounted tuition for the Corporate Wellness Program created by Karen DiMarco, RN, iRNPA. More information coming soon!

National Network of RN Patient Advocates
The National Network provides an online platform for professional iRNPAs to share knowledge, experience, and practice support, as well as marketing material for iRNPA services, referrals by region for inquiries received through RN Patient Advocates, PLC, and a growing list of benefits. Learn More on the National Network Page

Emerging Careers
RN Patient Advocates, PLC is working at a national level to develop additional business opportunities exclusively for graduates of the RNPA Learning Intensive.

Group Practice
There is strength in numbers! Group Practice is a business model in which two or more iRNPAs join to form a private independent RN Patient Advocacy practice. A Group Practice can foster confidence and support in all aspects of working as an iRNPA. With new iRNPA Leaning Intensive graduates entering the field each year, there are growing opportunities to start a Group Practice.

RN Patient Advocates, PLC, located in Tucson, Arizona, has built one version of a successful Group Practice model. It is comprised of local iRNPAs, who each own their independent businesses and work together to share business, marketing, and educational expenses. The Tucson Group Practice also includes weekly meetings to discuss client cases, share clinical and learning experiences, and enjoy camaraderie.

An alternative Group Practice model includes professionals from related fields, such as insurance and medical billing, to offer interdisciplinary services to their clients. iRNPAs must stay current to meet the evolving demands of an increasingly complex healthcare delivery system while maintaining work-life balance, and a group practice model may offer this solution.

Advantages of Group Practice

  • Share resources to lower the cost of business such as bookkeeping and marketing
  • Greater market access means more client referrals and more community connections
  • Combine interests and talents - do what you love to do to enhance your work experience
  • Complementary Skill sets provide a greater range of services available for your clients
  • Clinical Coverage – for holidays, weekends, and emergencies
  • Continuing educational opportunities – also can share the cost of conferences, subscriptions, books, other educational materials

MEDiKEYSM  National Program

This innovative tool, developed by RN Patient Advocates, PLC, is a patient initiated and authorized, fee for service, extensive risk assessment tool and a chronology of critical historical medical information to enable physicians’ to make the most appropriate diagnostics and therapeutic decisions as well as to provide client with custom tailored information about the range of possible diagnoses and therapies associated with a defined set of symptoms.

It is widely accepted by physicians and institutions alike. ER personnel repeatedly express the wish that everyone coming into the ER had one. This would greatly reduce the potential 40% risk of misdiagnosis in the ER (AHRQ/HHS).

We at RN Patient Advocates, PLC, are working with Karen DiMarco, RN, iRNPA, to develop a nationally based marketing program for this very innovative new informatics tool with the potential to reduce the number (12 million per year) of misdiagnoses and the hundreds of thousands of deaths due to preventable medical errors.

Building on the Medical Time Line that you will learn at the Learning Intensive, you can opt to further develop those skills and become a Certified MEDiKEYSM  provider. This will then allow the iRNPA to take advantage of our national marketing on your behalf.

This is a virtual service, and an opportunity for iRNPAs to work from home. Virtual Healthcare is a growing platform of care delivery using the internet. There is a growing interest in privatizing healthcare information and RN Patient Advocates, PLC is exploring collaboration with internet based healthcare platforms to integrate the MEDiKEYSM and other elements of the Patient Advocacy Process © into electronic services. More information on this incredible opportunity will be made available during the Learning Intensive.

Non Profit sector
RN Patient Advocacy has tremendous potential in the the nonprofit sector. HEAL (Health Education And Literacy) a 501(c)3 organization was founded for iRNPAs interested in pursuing grant-based research or work.

Patient Advocacy in the Media