F.A.Q. | RN Patient Advocates


1)     Is the RNPA costs +/- $6,650?

$6399 - Tuition for the Learning Intensive and associated expenses are typically tax deductible (IRS Form 970). Check with your tax preparer.

2)     Does the cost include transportation, overnight accommodations, and some food for the intensive in AZ?

Accommodations and the residential portion of the 2018 Learning Intensive will be held at the beautiful C.O.D Ranch (https://www.codranch.com/). All meals and some snacks are included when booking at the C.O.D. Ranch. The cost of room and board is covered by the student. Transportation and the cost of staying at the C.O.D. Ranch are forthcoming.

3)     Where are the accommodations located?  Dorm rooms, hotel?

The COD Ranch is located in Oracle, AZ about 1-hour drive north from the Tucson AirPort.

4)     Is room sharing a requirement?

This depends on how many students are enrolled but we do not put more than two to a cabin depending on the cabin. Some cabins accommodate up to 10 people so we wouldn't have more than 6 in that cabin.

5)     Are college credits provided?  How many?

College credits are not provided. CNE credits are awarded. The number of credits are forthcoming. The University of Arizona Continuing Nursing Education is an approved provider of continuing nursing education by the Western Multi-State Division, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

6)     Is there an examination(s) to secure the iRNPA following all of the education

To receive your contact hours you must complete all assignments as well as an evaluation for each day of the residential. The evaluations are given by and submitted to the University of Arizona College of Nursing.

7)     Can you be a network member without being an iRNPA?

No, you must be an iRNPA before joining the National Network.