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Invitation to Join/Re-Join the RNPA National Network

This RNPA Network is your professional, working organization.   Your participation will support the continuing development of all RNPA programs which benefit all RNPA members.

  • Client Referrals!  As a Network member, you can receive referrals that come into RN Patient Advocates, the national leader in RN Patient Advocacy. These client referrals are distributed to Network Members by location.

We receive requests for patient advocate services frequently due to our highly ranked internet presence.

  • Established Web Presence: The RNPA National Website,,  has priority ranking on the Google search engine. Your RN Patient Advocate practice will benefit from affiliation with an established website with national visibility. Each Network member will have a profile page on this prominent website with photo, contact information, and links to your practice’s website on the national website. Prospective clients can search for local iRNPAs by state.

Additionally, each Network member will be listed as #1 on google when your prospective clients type your name into the search bar.  This will link directly to your profile page.

       RNPA National Network Members will all receive a comprehensive and extensive national power point on Hyperbaric Oxygenation from Dr. William Duncan, Founder of the first Patriot Clinic which is providing Functional Medicine resources and free HBOT for all veteran and service members who have sustained TBIs.  This will be emailed to you upon receipt of your Network dues.

  • The RNPA Service Packages to help you build your practice quickly: Specific Innovative Services are offered by iRNPAs to their communities.  These have been have been packaged for marketing to patients and their families. 
  • *Medication Smart 1st: A program that provides a complete review of the medications taken by the client – a medication information review, interactions, warnings, nutrient depletions, and a referral to the Beers list ensure safety for them moving forward.  There is a marketing flier for this which is available for those Network members who wish to use it.  (Reduced price for Network members).  This is typically a 3 hour service.
  • *Community Health Connections: a carefully designed program that specifically targets assisted living and residential plan communities.  Many of their clients come from out of the service area of the facility and have limited or no access to specific physician information or therapeutic modalities availability.  This is typically a 3 hour service.
  • RNPA Mini Service: This is a program that contains a specifically designed history form and a plan for the teaching that accompanies it. This is typically a 3-4 hour consultative service, depending upon the complexity of the clinical issues.
  • By offering these much needed services, iRNPAs can establish relationships with a wider population, create local community awareness, and increase the potential for building their practices swiftly.  RNPA Network members all receive a discounted cost for these programs.


RNPA Café! the Network’s virtual community that serves as a resource hub for Network members. The Café! provides:

  • Leading Medical Journal postings daily of informative, up-to-date articles from credible news sources, both national and global. (Lancet, JAMA, NEJM, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, European Journal of Integrative Medicine, Journal of Holistic Nursing, Nutrition Horizon News, Journal of Complementary and Integrative Medicine, and others).
  • The Café Medical Library includes national speaker videos and presentations on current topics.
  • Network members can Connect with other Network RNPAs across the country to share ideas, challenges and successes.
  • Online discussion forums in topics such as Marketing, and Business considerations.
  • There is a site on the Café that will keep you posted on upcoming Webinars that are, for the most part, free of charge.
  • The availability of Blogs and Conversation boards that Network members can host.
  • A reduced cost for Network members for all Templates for Business and Chart forms. Members - $89  Non Members  $199
  • Specialty physician provider resources are listed on the Café in the RNPA News from Karen and RNPAs.
  • Powerpoints on specialty topics such as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.
  • MEDiKEYSM Certification classes will be available to all RNPA Network members on an annual basis.  This certification will be very valuable as you will benefit from the national marketing program for this leading edge tool that is welcomed everywhere. Physicians value it and ERs have repeatedly expressed the desire that every patient coming into the ER have a MEDiKEY.
  • The RNPA “Be Informed News Service”: You will have access on the Café to both provide and review current articles of interest from a variety of reliable sources gathered by RNPAs like yourself. The RNPA Network is committed to on-going education and information and will send out notices on the Café.
  • Community Health Literacy Programs: These custom RNPA PowerPoint programs are edited annually, and are  created specifically for community marketing and also to provide Health Literacy programs as a community service.  Network membership will provide you with instant material (power points) for speaking engagements. These will help to establish you as a health resource expert in your community and increase your visibility.  Also, these presentations are guaranteed to bring client interest and calls.
  • Most programs are 1 to 1.5 hours long. Network members receive large discounts on these programs. Network members: $49 each; non Network members: $75 each.


  • Monthly Conference Calls: these are valuable monthly conference calls that include:
  • A presentation by a national physician or specialist on topics of great interest  - leading edge material.
  • These conference calls include Grand Rounds on a pre-selected case presentation by an RNPA Network member. Those RNPA Network members who provide a Case Study will receive a free Community Health Literacy powerpoint of their choosing on a flash drive. These monthly conference calls will be 1 - 1.5 hours long and can focus also on marketing, business, education or clinical practice as Network members indicate what they would like to include.
  • These Network Conference Calls will all be recorded for those who are unable to be on the Call.

Educational Opportunities for RNPA Network members:  a portion of all Network monies will be reserved for the awarding of the cost of educational programs.  These RNPAs, selected by the Executive Committee, will then be spotlighted on a Network Conference  Call where they will share their knowledge with all of us in the Network.  These RNPAs will also be recognized on the RNPA Café.

Note: the more RNPAs who are Network members, the more your Network can do for you.

  • The National Emerson Ecologics Vitamin Discount Program, which is available on the site.  Network Members will have access to this program for themselves and all their clients.  It includes a  +/- 20% discount off leading brands of vitamins, minerals and supplements. This is an excellent marketing point as well!
  • RNPA Mentoring Program: Karen Mercereau, RN, iRNPA, founder of RN Patient Advocates, offers a special mentoring program to Network members.

Prescheduled Mentoring Calls are provided for the benefit of RNPAs who would like some personal assistance with their client cases or with their emerging RNPA practices.  There is a $55 charge for participation in these calls which will be 1 – 1.5 hours.  

Karen is at your disposal.  Calls will be scheduled for Tuesday late afternoons for the East Coast members and on Friday afternoons for the West Coast members.


  • Scope and Standards for RN Patient Advocacy: Network members will have the opportunity to be leaders in the evolving Scope and Standards of RN Patient Advocacy. Actively practicing iRNPAs are eligible for a two-year term on the Scope and Standards Network Committee.   All members of the Scope and Standards Committee will receive a full set of Community Health Literacy presentations.  We are updating them this fall and you will be free to update/edit them annually yourself.
  • The RNPA members of the Scope and Standards Committee will have the opportunity to work closely with the RNPA Executive Committee and Karen Mercereau, RN, iRNPA, on creating this expanded Standards of Practice for RNPAs document.
  • Members of the Scope and Standards Committee will also have the opportunity to send two of the members to participate on the RNPA Executive Committee for the length of their term on the Committee.
  • All members of the Scope and Standards Committee will also have the opportunity to with the RNPA Executive Committee and Karen Mercereau, RN, iRNPA, on creating the Standards of Practice for RNPAs.  This important work will be made available, with attributions for all RNPAs who work to create this, to the entire national audience on the and websites.

Annual cost of membership with all privileges is $200 which may be paid in full or in 2 $100 payments. There is a live link on the National Network Membership Payment Portal website to facilitate your payment.

Misty Blue, RNPA Executive Assistant


Mary Baron, RN, iRNPA, is the Treasurer of the RNPA Network.