10th iRNPA Learning Intensive Guest Lectures and Seminars | RN Patient Advocates

10th iRNPA Learning Intensive Guest Lectures and Seminars

Trisha Torrey - Founder of Alliance of Professional Health Advocates and Advoconnection: The Art and Science of Marketing your iRNPA Practice, Effective Networking, Your Public Presentation: The “Elevator Speech”, Marketing Principles Preview

  • Communicating clearly
  • Establishing a professional network
  • Tips and methods for public presentations
  • Professional marketing - tips and practices
  • Creating a sustainable business

Mary Ackerley MD, MD(H): Functional and Integrative Psychiatry, Biotoxin Illness

  • Therapeutic goals and interventions used in traditional psychiatry
  • Therapeutic goals and interventions used in functional/integrative psychiatry
    • Clinical basis of functional/integrative psychiatry
  • Discussion of the benefits of functional/integrative psychiatry
  • Lab testing regimens used in functional/integrative psychiatry
  • Biotoxin Illness and its various psychiatric clinical manifestations

Carol Henricks, MD: Neurological Rehabilitation: New Horizons

  • Therapeutic goals in neurological rehabilitation
  • Historical therapeutics used for neurological rehabilitation
  • New approaches in neurological rehabilitation
    • Hyperbaric oxygenation utilization
    • PEMF utilization
    • Additional therapeutic strategies
  • Identifying and referring to qualified neurological rehabilitation therapists.

Martha Grout, MD, MD(H): Integrative and Functional Medicine Paradigms - Clinical Applications

  • Basic principles of functional and integrative medicine
  • Diagnostic methods used in functional and integrative medicine
  • The role of environmental toxins (e.g. heavy metals) in chronic illness
  • New approaches in functional and integrative medicine
  • Selection of a functional and integrative medicine physician
  • Collaborating with functional and integrative physicians and therapists

Daniel Rubin, ND, FABNO: Introduction to Naturopathic Oncology

  • The role of Naturopathic Oncology and its interaction with conventional oncology
  • Developing protocols of diagnostic and therapeutic approaches based upon Systems Biology

Leila Turner, ND: Women’s Health, Nutritional Therapy

  • Overview of the complex interactions of hormones in women’s health
  • Advanced diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to treat the wide range of endocrinological disorders

Lauren Kanzler, CCN: Nutritional Therapy - Advanced Approaches

  • Overview of rates of malnutrition and obesity in the US
  • Discussion of advanced nutritional approaches in the care of chronic illness

Debi Smolinski, ND: GMO Foods: the Controversy and Scientific Fact

  • Review of the chemical and genetic interactions of GMO foods and our health

Ruth Rinehart, RN, iRNPA: Primary Immune Deficiency and Co-Morbidities

  • Primary Immune Deficiency (Common Variable Immune Deficiency)-Personal experience with the disease and treatment.

Karen DiMarco, RN, iRNPA

  • Description of the approaches to Roots Wellbeing a Corporate Wellness programs as facilitated by iRNPAs